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The Brat Attack thus highlights the intergenerational effects of residential schooling and the need to continue to fight against racist discrimination in Canada today.
All the massacres of blacks in Africa and America in the 18th and 19th centuries, all the manifestations of racist discrimination that were so widespread in the US even up to the 1970s - this man sees all of these repulsive scenes in Gaza, and is happy, [seeing this] as compensation for what happened to the blacks and as an attempt to repress it, and out of pride in the actions of a black president whose crimes have surpassed those of all the white presidents.
Communities in other parts of central and eastern Europe have also long complained of racist discrimination.
A statement from migrant support group KISA said the crisis had led the majority of refugees to unemployment, poverty, racist discrimination and social exclusion.
No physical attack or any act of racist discrimination should be done or condoned," she said.