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CARDIFF owner Vincent Tan launched a vicious attack on Wigan chief Dave Whelan yesterday, calling him: "A racist chairman hiring a racist manager.
That probe comes as the FA continue their inquiry into claims Mackay and his former right-hand man Iain Moody exchanged texts of a racist, homophobic and sexist nature during their time in charge of Cardiff.
London, May 14 ( ANI ): A British-Asian member of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) who was reportedly tipped to be a leader in the future has quit accusing the party of 'deliberately attracting the racist vote'.
A crowd of political activists gathered outside the Crwys pub, from many different political groupings, but with one clear objective: to stop the racists from marching unchallenged and spreading their Islamophobia.
I'm very happy with the jury's decision and their unanimous rejection of the Mirror's allegation that I am a racist," said Mr Boyle on Twitter.
A RACIST politician with a secret is the subject of a black Coventry author's latest novel.
POLICE recorded 6672 racist crimes in Scotland last year - the equivalent of more than 18 per day.
It would be interesting to hear from anyone, whatever race or colour, who says there are no racists in their communities.
In the process, the author provides a splendid, original, and balanced account of the form and function of civil rights in one of the most racist country in Mississippi.
In his article "'The Race' to Win America" (August 7 issue), he cites the usual hypocrites, opportunists, and power brokers who spoke glowingly of the racist NCLR: men like Karl Rove, Bill Clinton, and New Mexico governor William Richardson.
You cannot call someone a racist for wanting the laws enforced.
Racists and violent thugs who scrawl vile messages on walls were warned today they could face life imprisonment.