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60 for travelling on a Northern Rail train at Redcar Central without paying the fare.
20am (EDT) when a Baltimore Light Rail train travelling from Baltimore crashed into a steel barrier during its arrival at the airport's International Pier, according to Reuters.
The procurement of the new light rail train vehicles are part of the extension of the City s urban rail network to meet the increasing demand and will help provide frequent and efficient services to the citizens that is a fast, reliable, comfortable, and environment-friendly alternative solution to the use of private vehicles.
Northumbria Police is urging Sunderland fans to use free coaches organised by SAFC as there will be no Northern Rail train service on the day due to engineering works.
20pm on board the Northern Rail train travelling from Newcastle to Carlisle.
I made the situation aware to the outside Network Rail train guard.
San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini presented the SATOUR project, a light rail train system, to restart the Golden Triangle development plan initiated in the 1990's, reports The Puerto Rico Daily Sun (Dec.
PHILADELPHIA, May 24 /PRNewswire/ -- SEPTA will operate regular Market- Frankford Line and regional rail train service this weekend (Friday-Sunday, May 26-28) to accommodate passengers traveling during the Memorial Day weekend.
The project calls for 26 high-speed rail train sets which eventually will reach speeds of 150 miles per hour.
The light rail train carshells for both of these orders will be built in the Siemens Sacramento facility.
British Transport Police is appealing for information after the 36-year-old man was subjected to the abuse on a Northern Rail train on June 28.
He also admitted travelling on a Northern Rail train without having paid the PS3.