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To improve traffic conditions through the "kombilsung karlsruhe" project, A light rail tunnel with 7 underground stops will be built as part of the "stadtbahntunnel kaiserstrae with south branch" sub-project.
In total, The Gateway Program is a $24 billion project that would create new rail tunnels under the Hudson River, expand Penn Station, and build new bridges to connect Newark to Manhattan.
The overall project includes Loetschberg rail tunnel already opened.
The overall project includes the Loetschberg rail tunnel that has already opened, the Ceneri tunnel still being built and renovations to make rail tunnels at least 4 metres high at the corners to be able to handle big freight containers.
Festivities with 1,200 invited guests, expected to cost about e1/48m, will mark the opening of the rail tunnel, which will be mainly used for further test journeys until commencing regular service in December 2016.
The route of the tunnel will be flat and straight rather than winding up through the mountains like the old rail tunnel and a road tunnel opened in 1980.
A high-speed rail tunnel under construction in Hunchun City collapsed at about 2 a.
Growth in rail freight volumes will be helped by the recently opened Marmaray rail tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait.
He said that the work on Lowari Rail Tunnel was envisaged to be completed by October 2010 but its completion period was extended after its conversion to a road tunnel.
After 11 years and $11 billion in costs, digging for the world's longest rail tunnel is finally finished
After 11 years and roughly $11 billion, the excavation for the world's longest rail tunnel is finally finished.
Marmaray, a rail transport project on construction of an undersea rail tunnel under the Istanbul Strait, will start to serve on October 29, 2013.