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The new rail tunnels would run between Newark and New York City, and would add 25 train slots during peak periods to the current system used by Amtrak and New Jersey Transit, which has reached full capacity.
In the light of this MOU, the Government of Pakistan decided to convert Lowari Rail Tunnel to Road Tunnel in anticipation of future road connection with Tajikistan.
Table 33: DoTV - Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel - Victoria, Key Facts
Building the world's longest rail tunnel was no easy feat.
Marmaray, a rail transport project on construction of an undersea rail tunnel under the Istanbul Strait, will start to serve on October 29, 2013.
Which Alpine tunnel, opened in 1906, was the world's longest rail tunnel at that time?
As a former engineer I am aware that the rail tunnel under the Severn is suitable for electrification.
1km) rail tunnel under the Gotthard massif will enter service in 2017, taking some of the tens of thousands of tonnes of freight that crosses the Alps by road every day.
This milestone will bring the completion of the world's longest rail tunnel into sight.
The longest rail tunnel is the Sakan Tunnel in Japan at 33.
Perth Sheriff Court heard how Mayor discarded her top and bra before setting off towards a rail tunnel on October 29 last year.
The feasibility study of a rail tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki could start next October, reports LETA.