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Full-size railroad locomotives are a popular choice for industrial railroads, generally due to their historic availability, long life, and ability to move large numbers of railcars in a single move.
In 1913, McIntosh and Seymour had begun building diesel engines that were designed for marine and stationary use, applications vastly different from those required by railroad locomotives.
The Nano-Jet Fuel Module is suitable for use with a wide variety of internal combustion power plants from the smallest single cylinder gasoline engine to diesel railroad locomotives and marine diesels.
The largest US conglomerate yesterday said its second-quarter results were helped by a rebound in sales of railroad locomotives, which offset weakening demand for wind turbines, said a report in our sister publication, the Gulf Daily News.
Income from technology infrastructure division declined 11 percent as sales fell 6 percent due to weak demand for railroad locomotives.
The SEC identified that the company was globally wrong in accounting for commercial paper hedging activities and improperly reported derivatives regarding the sales of railroad locomotives.
Union Pacific (UP) recently announced it has begun testing technologies designed to reduce diesel engine emissions in older railroad locomotives.
One is the environmental issues stemming from the heavy use of diesel fuel aboard ships, in trucks hauling product to and from the ports and railroad locomotives.
As luck would have it, we had one of the coldest winters on record that year and railroad locomotives don't use antifreeze in their cooling systems.