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managing toilet needs or incontinence: raised toilet seat provided by the NHS (2 points)
5 Raised toilet seat Most toilets are about 14 to 16 inches high and this can be an issue if you have arthritis or other back, hip or leg problems.
New offerings include the Folding Crutch (a durable, high-quality crutch designed for both user convenience and merchandising efficiency), the Quick Lock Raised Toilet Seat (an innovative, patented system that safely secures the raised seat to the toilet while allowing for easy cleaning) and the Cross Tour Rollator Walker (a European-style rolling walker that offers a sleeker design to home health care consumers).
Alternatives to the somewhat clinical look of a raised toilet seat are available.
Three-in-one and universal commodes allow products to be used in the bathroom area as a toilet frame or raised toilet seat as well as a bedside commode, better positioning the product for both institutional facilities and homes.
18 Fixed raised toilet seat with the option of armrests