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When Figures 3-4 are compared with Figure 5 the estimated per cent of ATSI is higher in the latter after the random allocation procedure is performed on the unknown ATSI category.
5) Item adherence, n = % Eligibility 74 76 Random allocation 93 96 Concealed allocation 22 29 Similarity at baseline 64 76 Subject blinding 13 5 Therapist blinding 2 3 Assessor blinding 40 34 > 85% follow-up 54 67 Intention-to-treat analysis 19 25 Between-group statistical 88 93 comparison Point and variability 80 92 measures
6 mg/L in the high-hsCRP group, and random allocation to rosuvastatin reduced the hsCRP concentration by 6% in the low-hsCRP group, compared with 33% in the high-hsCRP group.
As Table 1 shows, random allocation generated groups that were comparable in terms of age, gender, and co-morbidities.
Inclusion criteria were the following: random allocation of participants; use of vitamin E supplementation alone or combined with other vitamins/minerals; presence of a control or placebo group; study sample limited to men or nonpregnant women; duration of therapy longer than 1 year; occurrence of at least 10 deaths in the trials.
The random allocation ensures that there are no systematic differences--such as income, achievement levels, or parental involvement--between the two groups that might influence the results.
All authors were blinded to the random allocation of children to the intervention and control groups, randomly assigned subjects by telephone or opaque sealed envelopes, and used the intention-to-treat principle.
By allocating research assignments to the participating research firms through an auditable random allocation methodology, the Irideus.
As a consequence, the conclusions reached by the inspectorate in an area like random allocation do not seem to address the issues in full.
The operators selected the tooth on which to carry out treatment before being given the computerised random allocation of the injection method but the actual treatment performed, e.

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