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With the amount of personalisation on offer, the Rapide S can be tailor made to suit any individual's needs.
The company, which revealed there would be no dividend for directors, revealed last year it would return production of the Rapide, which costs between PS149,995 and PS157,445, to the Midlands in the second half of 2012.
PLEASURE FLIGHTS The De Havilland Dragon Rapide with pilot Henry Labouchere.
The Rapide has more class in one of its light clusters than most marques muster in a lifetime.
The Rapide, functional yet luxurious, provides space for up to four adults should the secret agent in your life need to transport the kids to their horse riding lessons.
The Rapide is also be the first sports car to be hand-built at the British firm's new factory in Graz, Austria.
by the often precarious fortunes of the parent company Aston Martin and this did the Rapide no favours at all.
It's the eagerlyawaited and much-vaunted new Aston Martin Rapide, which has been unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show.
He still had some two lengths to make on the leader halfway up the run-in, but the result was looking more and more obvious and to a great roar the four-year-old headed the gallant Rapide on the line.
EVERTON Ladies kick off phase two of the Women's UEFA Cup tonight when they take on KFC Rapide Wezemaal in Belgium.
Among the new standard products will be the Rapide Strata and Rapide Strata Plus high efficiency ion exchange deionisers.
But you'll also run into a re-created interior of a small car rapide, just like the ones that traverse the Senegalese capital of Dakar.