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It was a translation of the Roman author's ratiocinatio, which was one of the two pillars of architecture--the other being fabrica, making.
50) Raise Slander continues to force interpretation by using the figure of ratiocinatio (reasoning by question and answer)(51) to engage the audience: "Good serys, telle me what men me calle" (36).
Central to his theory is Vitruvius' explanation that architecture is composed of fabrica and ratiocinatio (two of many words McEwen wisely leaves untranslated), the former the work of the hands, the latter that which "can show how, and explain to what degree, things have been made with skill and calculation" (p.
162) embodying the continuity between the coherence, symmetria, and ratio of the universe, the august emperor king's governing of it, the king's body, and the building produced through fabrica and ratiocinatio.