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Other topics of the 18 papers include knowing and living as data assembly, making sense of information quality on information system artifacts, the limits of rational thought upon irrational phenomena, social practice design, and the sociotechnical design of an ambient assisted living project.
Instead, the part of the brain linked to rational thought was more active.
Children do not have rational thought until they hit six and until then they look to adults to show them how to behave.
Chief among science journalists' common beliefs is an appreciation of the power of rational thought, along with confidence that differences of opinion can often be reconciled through the pursuit of relevant evidence, systematically gathered and intelligently interpreted.
It seems to me that modern bank employees have almost become examples of the living dead, a form of cheap labour, hypnotised by the microchip and incapable of the same rational thought enjoyed by a majority of their customers who, alas, have become victims of 21st century banking technology.
However, when faced with a difficult moral judgment, the brain activated other areas including those connected with both rational thought and primitive emotions.
Those of us who are pragmatists and in possession of strong and rational thought recognise that religion is but a crutch for the weak minded - particularly in times of stress - and that our presence here can be satisfactorily explained by evolution, and that when we go we are gone for good.
Just one in four (26 per cent) agrees with Professor Chris Higgins, vice-chancellor of Durham University, that "creationism is completely unsupportable as a theory, and the only reason to mention creationismin schools is to enable teachers to demonstrate why the idea is scientific nonsense and has no basis in evidence or rational thought.
Rational thought and the ability to choose are one of the most amazing characteristics of the human race.
Those simian-like features, the scraps of rational thought you can see flitting across those gleaming little eyes, the twitching expressions of brute pleasure as Phil bangs away on his bongos.
Humanism aims to represent our intrinsic drives toward rational thought, orderly scientific inquiry, and displays of compassion.