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Unlawful carnal knowledge of a female by a male by force, against her will and without her consent.

Ravishment is the same as rape, a criminal offense defined by most statutes as unlawful sexual intercourse with a female by a male with force and without her consent.

RAVISHMENT, crim. law. This word has several meanings. 1. It is an unlawful taking of a woman, or an heir in ward. 2. It is sometimes used synonymously with rape.

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That is, antebellum slavery, Jim Crow society, and more recently, the proliferation of the prison-industrial complex from the mid-1970s on constitutes the horrific horizon of a "perpetual condition of ravishment," or what I have referred to throughout my larger project on black masculinity as the political and cultural legacies of terror and death for enslaved and, subsequently, freed black subjects.
This vocabulary resonates with other French courtly writing about music, in which ravishment is closely allied to the Neoplatonic conception of the furors.
At the extreme of this continuum of such ravishment is the violence of rape.
It refers to her literal conception at the time of her mother's violation as well as her symbolic conception, her second birth, at the time of her own ravishment.
10) Sue Sheridan Walker and, more recently, Henry Ansgar Kelly have put forward similar suggestions in their studies of cases of ravishment, or "consensual abduction.
unfortunately fallen into bad company," and James Gillray's cartoon of the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister William Pitt attempting to possess the Bank's gold represented by the "Old Lady of Threadneedle Street" crying "rape, ravishment, ruin" (Acres 1931: i, 283).
Certainly, Zeffirelli takes pains to mitigate the violence of his ravishment scene.
The next three chapters deal almost exclusively with the poetry of Jacopone under the rubrics of ravishment, agapic love, and the symphonic character of the ineffable.
Flaws in the design of government maritime aid programs may have had far less to do with the current decline than insufficient federal funding, misapplications of policy, bureaucratic administration or political ravishment along the way.
To plead a suit of rape in the ecclesiastical courts of medieval England, one had to meet four stringently enforced qualifications: force, absence of (the victim's) consent, coitus, and abduction, the final key element harking back to a time when rape and ravishment had been indistinguishable at law.
As you move through the show, you discover galleries devoted to gloomy Gothic ruins, tales from mythology, orientalia, animals, and scenes from Shakespeare, Scott, and Byron--especially those involving bloodshed, ravishment, and high drama.
It is not surprising then that so much early hard-core fantasy revolves around situations in which the woman's sexual pleasure is elicited involuntarily, often against her will, in scenarios of rape of ravishment.