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Mohamed Waheed, Special Envoy of the President Ibrahim Hussain Zaki, Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem, Economic Development Minister Mahmood Razee and Foreign Policy Advisor to President Dr.
This is an important step for Maldives to be both environmentally sustainable and provide important municipal services in an efficient manner to its citizens and businesses," said Mahmood Razee, Maldives Minister of Economic Development.
Minister of Economic Development and Trade--Mahmood Razee
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Implementing MTBC's electronic health record in our office was a natural choice," said Razee Ahmad, MD of East Mississippi Medical Clinic.
Banks will have to take necessary steps for preventing the risk of money laundering and terror financing to sustain their banking businesses in the country,' said Bangladesh Bank (BB) Deputy Governor and Head of the Bangladesh Financial Intelligent Units (BFIU) Abu Hena Mohd Razee Hassan.
Bangladesh Bank deputy governor, Mohammad Razee Hassan, is to meet Fed officials in New York on July 15.