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But re-opening the 10-mile long line - possibly along another route - is now an aim of the North Wales transport plan, drawn up by the region's six county councils.
The Ministry of Finance's Public Debt Management Department said Monday it will be issuing fewer but larger benchmarks by constantly re-opening newly issued securities, according to Beltone Financial's daily market report.
In the past 12 years there have been two successful railway re-openings by Network Rail at the request of the National Assembly, the Vale of Glamorgan Railway Line (re-opened on June 10, 2005) and the Ebbw Valley Railway Line (on February 6, 2008).
Other events including the re-openings of the Hippodrome and Artsfest 2001 will also feature in the high-profile offensive.
Regis Abu Dhabi and the re-openings of two luxury icons and members of the Luxury Collection, the Gritti Palace and Prince de Galles, after significant, multi-million dollar restorations.
The re-openings come at the perfect time, following the national launch of the Spring Collection from PANDORA, which will hit stores on Thursday, March 12, 2015.
For bond market, analysts anticipate a moderation in marginal rates for the debt re-openings on the back of likely favourable investor sentiment especially against the backdrop of recently rebased GDP as debt to GDP ratio decreased significantly.
With the recent reopening of the Vale of Glamorgan and Ebbw Vale lines, the most obvious candidates for large line re-openings have already taken place.
With the unfolding of the latest chapter in the continuing saga of delayed re-openings for Birmingham Hippodrome, there is 'bitter disappointment' among members of Birmingham & Midland Operatic Society.
This format foresees a size of at least EUR 500m and EUR 250m minimum re-openings to build and enhance the benchmark character of a transaction upon actual demand.
Our Welsh record of station and line re-openings is seen with some jealousy in England - a tribute to the commitment of both the regional transport consortia and the Cardiff Bay government.