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There is an understanding of re-incarnation and the spirits of the ancestors living on in the spirits of children.
Local bird lovers are invited to join us at the Brewers "Hot Corner" at Miller Park for another chance for bird lovers to get up close and personal and celebrate with oldies tunes, hoola hoops and T-bird tattoos the re-incarnation of a car that captured the spirit of America in 1955.
Then came that newspaper interview in which his controversial views on re-incarnation led to him leaving that job.
As a firm believer in re-incarnation, Chad has no sense of urgency for himself, but he has for his new crusade against the barbaric practice of female circumcision.
Catholics are more likely to believe in astrology and re-incarnation.
John Caw emailed: "Ronny should go now as Carlton Cole is a re-incarnation of Wayne Biggins, one of the worst strikers I have ever seen.
Experts describe the IRGC as "a re-incarnation of the Qizilbash", a Turkoman force which helped the first Safawi theocracy to emerge in 1501 and destroyed it later (see sbme5SafawismNov25-13).
The film is rumoured to revolve around the subject of re-incarnation love story.
He believes in re-incarnation and an "absolute deity, a total God," but denies belonging to any "cult, philosophy or religion.
Volkswagen''s modern incarnation of a true motoring icon pre-dated their Teutonic rivals' ' re-incarnation of Alec Issigonis'' classic by a couple of years.
The re-incarnation of this art work four months later represents the transition of my feelings from the time my mother was healthy until her passing away suddenly with liver cancer in August 2012.