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With collaboration and mutual co-operation becoming imperative in the rapidly growing SAMENA telecom industry, SAMENA Telecommunications Council has published this authoritative and ready reference guide, in an attempt to promote conjoined efforts among the diverse players for tackling industry issues.
The spelling helps with common homonyms and spelltraps are invaluable as an additional ready reference guide.
The authors put their nearly 70 years' collective experience together to make Emergency Planning a ready reference guide for anyone from college students to seasoned emergency planners at the local, state, and national levels.
But it is an excellent choice for those fresh out of high school or college, who could use a ready reference to deal with the often intimidating and confusing mysteries of adulthood.
It is said to provide a ready reference for comparing materials in the same family, as well as materials in different families.
Brotherhood of Airmen is a useful introduction to the RAAF's history and a handy ready reference.
Students often ask me how Jewish scholars interpret certain passages in the OT, and now this study Bible becomes a ready reference.
They are sometimes kept indefinitely in binders for ready reference.
The PDF files can be opened online or saved to your computer hard drive for ready reference.
NAVAIR members are encouraged to use the guide as a ready reference, and to make constructive comments for continual improvement to the NAVAIR Acquisition Guide manager.
This hefty and attractive book will be a ready reference for selecting and managing your landscape trees, and for casual reading to enhance your knowledge and appreciation of our native tree species.
Several appendices detailing technical aspects and historical considerations finish this welcome account and ready reference.