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Investors will lack the confidence to fund banks cheaply, raising the cost of credit to the real economy, and most importantly, you will lack the confidence that credit will be available if you need it.
The answer to the title's question is that the stock market may diverge from the real economy for a limited period, but this has no impact on the rationally placed investor.
We have been dependent on that faith never faltering, even as the real economy grows less able to back up the financial economy's promises.
With faster transformation and development of the Chinese economy and the continued advancement of financial reforms, the real economy has shown a fast-growing demand for bond financing.
Aldermore has so far drawn down [pounds sterling]485m from FLS to support its lending to the real economy.
The usage of bank loans will be tracked to ensure bank credit flows into the real economy, according to the report.
The low rate on top of the Quantitative Easing programme has to make its way into the real economy and result in businesses of all sizes being able to have proper access to finance.
It is the rest of us in the real economy that are going down the tubes.
Claire McCartney, of the CIPD, said: "Even though the economy is no longer flat on its back, the real economy as experienced in the day-to-day lives of workers is crippled.
Then we will see further suffering in the real economy for a number of years.
CAIRO: Egypt's main index jumped more than 3 percent in low volumes as market participants bet on recovery in the United States aiding growth in Egypt's real economy and stock market.
The loans are part of the EBRD's response to the global financial crisis, providing a flow of finance to the real economy in Kyrgyzstan at a time of scarce alternative commercial funding.