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Figure-1 should be referred to visualize the detectors' results for both synthetic and real images.
It contains 46 initiatives aimed at upgrading the media sector and projecting Bahrain's real image worldwide.
Iranian cinema is trying to correct that image, to give the real image of Iran and the people of Iran," he added.
However, this image of a bullfighter with cape and a bull is a romanticised image which has nothing to do with the real image of bullfighting.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-26 May 2008-Digital Vision AB signs exclusive distribution agreement with Real Image Media Technologies(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
FOR the roll of our distinguished citizens, there are many who deserve due commemoration, particularly in an age which is keen to appreciate the real image of the city.
It was the case that almost each male that selected an image that was smaller than their real image stated that they did so because they thought it was taller.
The real image is reconstructed using a CW laser and displayed on a screen, which is moved through the image, 'slicing' it into a series of 2D sections which are captured by a CCD camera and stored digitally.
Beckman had been in recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse for just a year when he joined the cast of MTV's The Real World in its 2002 Chicago season, thereby becoming most Americans' first real image of a young gay man overcoming addiction.
Researchers at Northeastern University in Boston have developed a flat lens crystal capable of producing a real image.
They are Whirlwind, Crazy Crane, Hyperbolic Slot, Real Image and Animate It.
If it's not TWA 6B, then unquestionably someone in the next few years is going to have the first real image of what people will think of as a bona fide planet.