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This would happen, for instance, if there were a change in tax rates or when it is determined that the valuation allowance account needs adjustment due to a change in judgement about the realizability of the related deferred tax assets.
The second kind of reasoning is the realizability of a web service.
Keywords: choreography, realizability, dynamic reconfiguration, process calculus, labeled transition systems
In the three months and year ended December 31, 2009, Corning recorded a $58 million tax benefit which included the following items: a $10 million net valuation allowance due to a change in judgment about the realizability of U.
The Company reviews the realizability of all of its DTAs on a quarterly basis, and during the third quarter of 2014, determined that it was more likely than not that the State DTAs would not be realized, due in part to the bankruptcy discussed above.
This conception of the two minds theory has a virtue: one does not need to show that there is a strict correspondence between neurological mechanisms and each mind to claim there are two minds, because a striking feature of a functional kind is its multiple realizability (think of money).
Natural Properties and the Special Sciences: Non-reductive Physicalism without Levels of Reality or Multiple Realizability, MATTHEW C.
Such changes also could affect a company's judgments about the realizability of recorded deferred tax assets, thus requiring a reassessment of related valuation allowances.
In assessing our ability to support the realizability of our deferred tax assets, we considered both positive and negative evidence.
And, like the majority of current philosophers, Harbecke finds reductionism implausible, due to multiple realizability.
Polger offers his own account of realization, and argue that it is superior not only in passing the above tests but also in its utility for answering questions about multiple realizability.