Reasonable act

REASONABLE ACT. This term signifies such an act as the law requires. When an act is unnecessary, a party will not be required to perform it as a reasonable act. 9 Price's Rep. 43; Yelv. 44; Platt. on Cov. 342, 157.

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It's doubtful that even the dwindling number of Americans who still support capital punishment would agree that ending Scott Panetti's life would be a moral act, one that serves either as a deterrent or a reasonable act of retribution.
In this period, it was a reasonable act to refrain from directing harsh criticism against the AK Party for democrats.
David Simpson, R-Longview, successfully amended the bill to prevent someone who engaged in a reasonable act of self defense from being disciplined.
Turkish Parliament Speaker Koksal Toptan said the protest was "not a normal and a reasonable act.
We will be watching the legislation closely so that any reasonable act by a teacher will be lawful ( otherwise we will be in a barrack room lawyers' paradise.
As Niederbacher progresses he cleverly shows how Thomas maneuvers his understanding of faith between an irrational decision and a necessary rationalism; rather, it emerges as a free and reasonable act of both intellect, and will ordered toward the end for which the human person was made in principio.
The doctrine of self-defense, she observes, "already includes a reasonable act requirement" (p.
That would leave the rest of the world scrambling to figure out the meaning of such a reasonable act - and best of all, it would leave Kenneth Bae a free man.
The changes make small but important reforms to UK copyright law and aim to end the current situation where minor and reasonable acts of copying which benefit consumers, society and the economy are unlawful.