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A member of Kielder Reavers Trailbuilders tries out the mountain bike skills loop in the forest
pull off a payroll robbery on an outer planet and are disturbed by Reavers.
Gorian Reavers use their abilities more consistently, using Kick to the Face every 20 seconds and Crush Armor every 6 seconds.
Chris Tait, chairman of the Kielder Trail Reavers, said: "Most of the gap in the route is filled by a forest road, but we want to replace that with an exciting red-graded track.
Written and directed by Whedon, the film reassembles the series' entire original cast and advances the series' mythology, revealing grim secrets about the authoritarian Alliance and the irrationally murderous Reavers, both of whom generally made life miserable for the Serenity's crew.
99 This is a fantastic story about a girl called Lilly who sets off on an adventure, with a talking jewel as a ransom, to rescue the prime minister's daughter, who has been stolen by the Reavers.
Kielder Forest was the setting for The Bike Place and Kielder Trail Reavers Marathon Series 2008 Winter Warmer on Saturday, during which two people were injured in separate incidents.
Joss Whedon) El Capitan Malcotm Reynolds, un veterano de la guerra civil galactica, junto con su tripulacion que viajan en la nave 'Serenidad', que una vez fue usada para rozar las afueras de la galaxia sin que los vieran, se encuentran ahora entre la fuerza militar de la Alianza Universal y la furia de los Reavers, salvajes.
The race, which is organised by the Kielder Trail Reavers, will take place over 33 miles of terrain at the Kielder Water and Forest Park.
The pounds 300,000 project has been undertaken by the Kielder Trail Reavers - a communitybased independent riders' group - working with the Forestry Commission and the Kielder Partnership.
It was developed by the Kielder Trail Reavers, Kielder Partnership and the Forestry Commission.