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Regaining possession of; taking back.

Recaption is a Common Law remedy exercised by an individual who has been wrongfully deprived of goods. Through recaption, the owner may lawfully claim and retake goods whenever he or she finds them, as long as this is done in an orderly and legal manner. An individual who removes his borrowed car that was not returned to him from his neighbor's driveway is exercising recaption.


in English law, the taking back of goods or a person wrongly detained so long as this is carried out without riot or breach of the peace.

RECAPTION, remedies. The act of a person who has been deprived of the custody of another to which he is legally entitled, by which he regains the peaceable custody of such person; or of the owner of personal or real property who has been deprived of his possession, by which he retakes possession, peaceably. In each of these cases the law allows the recaption of the person or of the property, provided he can do so without occasioning a breach of the peace, or an injury to a third person who has not been a party to the wrong. 3 Inst. 134; 2 Rolle, Rep. 55, 6; Id. 208; 2 Rolle, Abr. 565; 3 Bl. Comm. 5; 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 2440, et seq.
     2. Recaption may be made of a person, of personal property, of real property; each of these will be separately examined.
     3.-1. The right of recaption of a person is confined to a husband in re-taking his wife; a parent, his child, of whom he has the custody; a master, his apprentice and, according to Blackstone, a master, his servant; but this must be limited to a servant who assents to the recaption; in these cases, the party injured may peaceably enter the house of the wrongdoer, without a demand being first made, the outer door being open, and take and carry away the person wrongfully detained. He may also enter peaceably into the house of a person harboring, who was not concerned in the original abduction. 8 Bing. R. 186; S. C. 21 Eng. C. L. Rep. 265.
     4.-2. The same principles extend to the right of recaption of personal property. In this sort of recaption, too much care cannot be observed to avoid any personal injury or breach of the peace.
     5.-3. In the recaption of real estate the owner may, in the absence of the occupier, break open the outer door of a house and take possession; but if, in regaining his possession, the party be guilty of a forcible entry and breach of the peace, he may be indicted; but the wrongdoer or person who had no right to the possession, cannot sustain any action for such forcible regaining possession merely. 1 Chit. Pr. 646.

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section] 102 ("The use of force against another for the purpose of recaption is not privileged unless the actor is entitled as against the other to the immediate possession of the chattel.
Morrison who held to 30 yards on 8 carries and four recaption for 29 yards.
In addition, private parties could not retain the self-executing constitutional "right" of recaption of their fugitive slave "property" under the rule of Prigg v.