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By contrast, a receding hairline made very little difference to risk, the analysis showed.
Of them, 7,537 had receding hairlines at the temples, 3,938 had baldness at the crown of the head, 3,405 had earlobe crease and 678 sported fatty deposits around the eye.
The attacker is described as being aged about 21, 5ft 11ins tall, of a slim and athletic build, with short brown hair and a receding hairline.
He had short brown hair and a receding hairline, and was wearing a white T-shirt possibly with a motif on the chest area.
It looks like NBA Star Lebron James is not the only celebrity suffering from a receding hairline.
While a selection of our top exports in showbiz and sport have become synonymous with a receding hairline (step forward Anthony Hopkins and Neil Jenkins), others look distinctly bare without their crowning glory.
The follically-challenged footballer has been literally tearing his thatch out of late at his rapidly receding hairline.
Coming to terms with a receding hairline has always been a challenge for a man, but to then suffer the effects of sun damage on the balding area adds insult to injury.
Dubai Meet Mooch, a slightly frazzled family man, with square-rimmed glasses, a receding hairline and a moustache so thick and dense you could lose a camel in it.
I went to school with a guy called Matthew Hatton who had a receding hairline at a staggeringly early age, so we used to run up to him singing "Matthew needs a hat on" and then slap the bald part of his head.
The 24-year old Liverpudlian, who was not allowed to touch the solid gold cup, joked that his receding hairline has contributed to his prolific season.
WAYNE ROONEY believes his receding hairline has contributed to his prolific season and the Manchester United striker is adamant he is not feeling the weight of expectation ahead of England's bid for the World Cup.