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Donors and recipients generally agreed that a recipient's information should also be shared with all involved (85 and 85%, respectively), and that a donor's information should be shared with all involved (95 and 90%) respectively).
PCASG fund recipients reported in 2008 that they used PCASG funds to hire or retain health care providers and other staff, add primary care services, and open new sites.
Without specific time limits, companies must determine for themselves the recipients with whom they have an EBR.
When the spotlight was turned on this year's award recipients in Denver, both new and old faces smiled from the podium as then-president Debra L.
409A of partnerships and other noncorporate entities as service recipients (66);
Guided by self-interests, an email address authorization scheme is claimed to be an essential element needed to curtail abuse and thus protect recipients.
This paper sketches social workers' understanding of social justice and reliance on Rawls (1971), highlights findings about "hard to employ" welfare recipients facing welfare reform, and articulates the parameters of Rawlsian justice (Rawls, 1999a; 2001) with particular emphasis on people who have been on welfare for long.
Several case reports and small, retrospective studies have shown that, with appropriate antimicrobial drug treatment, transplant recipients of organs from donors with bacterial meningitis do not have increased risk for infection (2,3) or reduced graft survival (3).
Cavanagh Scholarship Program Recipients are as follows: Julie Muldoon, AMEC Construction Management, Inc.
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After 2 years, 36 percent of the cord-blood recipients and 42 percent of the marrow recipients were alive and free of disease.