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Bilateral; two-sided; mutual; interchanged.

Reciprocal obligations are duties owed by one individual to another and vice versa. A reciprocal contract is one in which the parties enter into mutual agreements.

Reciprocal laws are statutes of one state that give rights and privileges to the citizens of another state if that state extends similar privileges to the citizens of the first state. A common example is the Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act, which is a uniform law adopted in a majority of jurisdictions, by which a tribunal in the state where a wife or mother resides is able to commence proceedings for Child Support against a husband or father who resides in another state.


adjective alternating, bilateral, common, commutual, complemental, complementary, contingent, correlative, corresponding, give and take, interchangeable, interconnected, interdependent, interrelated, mutual, mutuus, parallel, reciprocative, requited, responded to, retaliative, retaliatory, retributive, returned, two-sided
Associated concepts: reciprocal agreements, reciprocal promises, reciprocal wills
See also: coequal, cognate, common, complement, correlate, correlative, counterpart, equivalent, related, same
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Perfect symmetry is only expressed by reciprocal constructions and this symmetry is often iconically signalled by the fact that the relevant semantic arguments are encoded by the same grammatical relation (cf.
It follows from our definition that the examples in (5) are instances of reciprocal constructions whereas those in (6) are not, since the symmetry is either spelled out in a sequence of clauses or expressed by lexical means: (8)
In defining reciprocal constructions with the help of the more basic symmetric predicates, our typology makes certain predictions: We assume that (a) such basic symmetric predicates can be found in all languages of the world, (b) that they will receive parsimonious coding when they are used in reciprocal constructions, and (c) that they will play an important role in the historical development of reciprocal morphology.
With plural subjects these predicates invariably allow a symmetric interpretation even if they are not followed by the reciprocal "anaphor" each other or one another.
Note furthermore that it is the symmetric preposition with that tends to be omissible in connection with reciprocal constructions of certain verbs.
If the reciprocal is also created as a Risk Retention Act company (under the Federal Risk Retention Act of 1986), insureds may be able to eliminate issuing carrier charges and associated frictional costs that can make group captive programs unreasonably expensive.
A reciprocal is the ideal vehicle from which to launch such risk financing, group insurance and reinsurance purchase initiatives.
Subscribers to an industrial insured group reciprocal captive must meet the definition of an industrial insured.
Reserve the name of the reciprocal with Vermont's secretary of state and clear it with the Vermont Insurance Department to ensure that it will be available.
The Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Healthcare Administration will require that a formal application be submitted for the reciprocal.
The reciprocal may obtain regulatory approval to discount loss reserves for book purposes at the same or comparable rate as the mandatory discount rate for federal tax purposes.
Reciprocal RRGs can be a good choice to insure groups that include non-profit, tax-exempt organizations and taxable entities, particularly as an alternative to qualifying the RRG as a 501(c)(3) or (c)(4) exempt organization.