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There were some women here who were really new to the city and they were really aware not to walk alone in areas in the park," said Recollet.
In some cases, Recollet said, Tahgaiwi-nini Technical's mission to promote environmental sustainability trumps potential economic growth.
Doucet June and July 1847); SPA, cahiers des prones of the Recollets congregation (1842-1846); and BAnQ parish registers of Norte Dame de Montreal 1847-49, where separate numbering distinguishes births, deaths and marriages of members of the Irish community.
Quant a la situation specifique de la Nouvelle-France, terre de mission par excellence, la vocation religieuse la plus commune etait, comine chacun sait, l'appartenance aux ordres missionnaires comme les Jesuites ou les Recollets.
S'ils accordent une importance toute particuliere aux trois etats generes, dans le premier tome, par la publication des << Patentes du roi pour les recollets >>, parce qu'ils y decelent une volonte de falsification de la datation trop evidente pour ne pas meriter d'etre rapidement corrigee, l'analyse de trois etats de la page de titre apporte un eclairage particulierement eclairant sur le marche metropolitain des relations missionnaires.
This work was begun by Father Joseph Le Caron, a Recollet priest who started a mission among the Huron Indians at the head of Georgian Bay in the summer of 1615.
Fox Recollet has already signed up to be a leader herself.
Luc Noppen distingue trois plans types--jesuite, recollet, Maillou--qui seront adaptes entre 1660 et 1760.
Hazel Recollet, administrator for the United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin, believes the network will improve communication among educational, health, social services, police services, economic development agencies and cultural organizations in the district.
Redige a partir de documents rassembles a Quebec par les missionnaires en place, il semble l'oeuvre d'un recollet bien au fait du debat et des enjeux.
Recollet joins the UCCM during a period of ongoing restructuring.
Louis du Mile End, Sault au Recollet, Notre Dame de Grace and four other outlying areas including St.