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LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION, com. law. An instrument given by one person to another, addressed to a third, in which the bearer is represented as worthy of credit. 1 Bell's Com. 371, 6th, ed.; 9 T. R. 51; 7 Cranch, Rep. 69; Fell on Guar. c. 8; 6 Johns. R. 181; 13 Johns. R. 224; 1 Day's Cas. Er. 22; and the article Recommendation.

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Upon application, all intern applicants must also be able to submit the following requirements: (1) Curriculum Vitae; (2) Letter of Intent; (3) Recommendation Letter from the Higher Education Institution (HEI); (4) Certificate of Registration or any equivalent document from the HEI certifying that the applicant is enrolled in a practicum subject; (5) Evaluation Sheet or any equivalent document from the HEI and; (6) Accomplished Internship Application Form which may be downloaded HERE; and (7) letter of consent from parent or guardian.
Manuscript should be submitted in hard copy and on CD, preferably in Microsoft Word format, together with an updated resume, a recommendation letter from a literary mentor, a certification that the works are original, and two 2A[euro]"2 ID pictures.
The recommendation letter asks "to reconsider whether it is proper at this time, given the complex and delicate situation in the occupied East Jerusalem.
c) Recommendation letter from any prominent Chamber of Commerce in India (optional).
Manuscripts should be submitted in hard copy and on CD, preferably in MS Word format, with updated resume, recommendation letter from a literary mentor, certification that the works are original, and two 2Aa[euro]"2 ID pictures.
The CAG report has also indicted DMRC for having written a recommendation letter to the customs department which enabled, the airport metro line operator- Delhi Airport Metro Express Private limited ( DAMEPL) to get a benefit of ` 29.
In some countries such as Qatar and the UAE, non-national clients need to get a recommendation letter from their banks in their home countries," he said.
According to media reports from IHK, this was stated by the veteran leader, Syed Ali Gilani during questioning by Special Cell of Delhi Police at a local police station in connection with giving a recommendation letter to a youth Aithsham Malik of Sopore arrested last week by Indian police.
advise the contracting authority (EU Delegation to Albania) on the compliance with each of the eligibility criteria and include a recommendation letter on whether and how much shall be disbursed from the 1st and each instalment, ensure regular monitoring of the implementation of the sector budget support programme on employment, in Albania, analyse whether the conditions for payment have been fulfilled and assess the compliance for each performance indicator (fixed and variable ones) based on evidence and include recommendation on whether and how much should be disbursed per performance indicator, prepare and implement jointly with EU Delegation and Albanian stakeholders a visibility and communication plan on the EU sector budget support to the NESS.
also provided the court with a good behaviour certificate and a recommendation letter for his release (on grounds of outstanding behaviour) issued by the management of Dubai Central Jail.