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In year 1 of the program, we were simply asked to recommission five buildings.
We will maintain the flexibility to recommission the Granger mine and soda ash facility," Mr.
In fact, the decision over whether to recommission a composer will not be dependent on audience response, because [the music] is unlikely to make it into the marketplace.
While they recommission poor shows like 10 O'Clock Live and The Bank Job, they axe hit series like Garrow's Law.
Controller of BBC One, Danny Cohen, said: "The return of Upstairs Downstairs was fantastically well-received but what drove us to recommission was the wonderfully imaginative and distinctive plans the team have to take the drama forward.
Last January the local authority appointed Glasgow water engineering company Barr and Wray to recommission the facility.
It does not remove the temptation to resurrect and recommission mills or machines as demand improves.
The Beeb have decided not to recommission her show.
Bosses at Comedy Central revealed they have decided not to recommission the TV show for a third season.
Director of television Peter Fincham said he had not decided whether to recommission the show.
There had been concern that industrial noise from the nearby former Allied Steel and Wire site - which Spanish firm Celsa is hoping to recommission later this year - would put people off buying the flats.
Viking") ("the Company")(ticker: VKPW) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an Agreement ("Agreement") with Johnston, Rhode Island based New England Alternative Energy Corp ("NEAE") to begin initial testing phase to recommission the Harris Mill Hydroelectric Plant in Coventry, Rhode Island.