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Toyota''s 4x4 heavyweight DNA stretches back almost 60 years, during which time it has earned a massive global fan base, not least as a reconaissance and aid vehicle in some of the most inhospitable areas of the world.
Reconaissance mapping in Leoncita area has resulted in identifying the thickest stratigraphic sections of mineralized units to date.
He further argueed that security and reconaissance agencies need their own legislative acts to be prepared.
Half the size of its ancestor, it keeps the top-mounted control pad to programme its carpetbased reconaissance missions but comes with a memory save feature to remember your most intrepid journeys.
After that he was to fly with aplomb in the Western Desert, Italy, Greece and Crete, before joining the Photo Intelligence Squadron, where he served on Hurricanes and then Spitfires, taking reconaissance shots, sometimes only 20ft from the ground.
On Sunday, closely watched by an RAF Nimrod reconaissance aircraft, the flotilla split in two with some going to Barrow, in case the freighters travelled around the west coast of Ireland, while the remainder, including Rainbow Warrior, travelled south to wait, eventually intercepting the freighters just south of Fishguard yesterday afternoon.
Better drawn tonight, and with the advantage of the reconaissance mission under his belt, he should do better.
But as they say in the Army, time spent on reconaissance is never wasted.