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The restoration of peaceful or amicable relations between two individuals who were previously in conflict with one another.

Reconciliation ordinarily implies forgiveness for injuries on either or both sides. The term is often applied to the parties to a Divorce who cease proceedings for the dissolution of their marriage upon a resolution of their differences. Reconciliation is used interchangeably with conciliation.


noun accord, adjustment, amnesty, appeasement, arbitration, conciliation, concord, concordance, forgiveness, harmony, improved relations, mediation, mollification, mutual forgiveness, pacification, peace, peacemaking, propitiation, reconcilement, restoration of harmony, reunion, settlement, understanding, union
Associated concepts: reconciliation of contradictory clauses
See also: accordance, adjustment, arrangement, compact, compatibility, compromise, concession, conciliation, expiation, intercession, mediation, mollification, pact, peace, rapprochement, settlement, understanding

RECONCILIATION, contracts. The act of bringing persons to agree together, who before, had had some difference.
     2. A renewal of cohabitation between husband and wife is proof of reconciliation, and such reconciliation destroys the effect of a deed of separation. 4 Eccl. R. 238.

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The complainant alleged that the defendant suggested reconcilation, saying that the complainant's company was big and he had lots of money at stake.
Towards a Reconcilation of the Definitional Issues in the Field of Corporate Entrepreneurship.
In the end, apartheid collapsed when it became dear to those whites in power that it was not in their own self-interests to perpetuate by force what was clearly an unjust system of oppression, and when black leaders were extending the hand of reconciliation to their former oppressors, recognizing that without this reconcilation there could be no lasting peace but only increasing hostility and violence.
Monitoring and Controlling: Supervision of the proper implementation of newly agreed fee arrangements and performance of an ongoing cost tracking and reconcilation of fees applied.
Summary: Bouznika - The experience of Morocco's Equity and Reconcilation Commission (IER) has made the Kingdom a model to follow in the MENA region in terms of handling human rights issues, said on Saturday in Bouznika (south of Rabat), the head of Amnesty International's Moroccan branch.
This is part of national reconcilation," he told tribal leaders this week.
Initiating dialogue about racial reconcilation and spirituality forms the foundation of this recorded concert.
Rjoub called for both an immediate reconcilation between Fatah and Hamas to unite the efforts to restore national unity, and to forge ahead with efforts to alleviate Palestinian suffering.
Hughes - who represents boxers and footballers through his promotions firm-revealed a heart-to-heart on a family holiday paved the way for the reconcilation.
She draws out the implications of this profoundly feminist knowledge without the alienating jargon typical of Bracha Ettinger, whose contribution, "Gaze-and-Touching the Not Enough Mother," overtly addresses the desires for reconcilation with the maternal inherent in Hesse's work, but in such a way as to read more like a manifesto of Ettinger's matrixial theory than a detailed engagement with Hesse's art.
This urges for a reconcilation of the principle of technological neutrality, with the principle of regulation "in context", and might require a certain degree of discretion for the regulator depending on the platform that is used.
A full recovery from the modern betrayal of reason (which calls for a reconcilation of empiricist and rationalist ideals), Whitehead is in effect maintaining, requires a whole-hearted acceptance of the need for a radically nonmodern conception of substance; this requires, however, a prior cultural therapy inasmuch as the moderns have poisoned thought by opening up a gulf between ontology and epistemology.