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After the council took control of the Old Pleck, just over an acre was laid out, paved with asphalt and opened as the Walmer Recreation Ground, on Saturday April 9, 1892.
The essential Rumney Recreation Ground must not be sacrificed.
The man was sitting with his girlfriend on a bench in the recreation ground, in Boyce Way, at 7.
About eight tonnes of the thick black gunge is now being spread at Eston Recreation Ground.
Bramston Street, Rastrick; Burnsall Road; Carr Green Lane, Rastrick; Clifton Recreation Ground, Towngate; Finkil Street Recreation Ground, Brighouse; George Street; Lane Head, Garden Road; Oaklands, Rastrick; Smith House Estate, Smith House Avenue; Thornton Road; Victoria Road, Bailiff Bridge; Wellholme Park, Brighouse; Whinney Hill Estate; Whinney Hill Park, Brighouse; Woodhouse Lane Recreation Ground, Woodhouse Lane, Brighouse
The Friends of Oaklands have installed a high standard metal fence around the perimeter of the recreation ground ending at Tesco's boundary.
Don Taylor, of the Rreel campaign group, spoke out after an independent inspector advised Cardiff council to reject the group's application to have Rumney Recreation Ground protected as a village green.
Crowhill recreation ground has looked sad and tired for some time and has not been attractive to families with young children.
Councillor Steve Walmsley, leader of the Thornaby Independent Association, says an expected bid for grant money to improve the Harold Wilson recreation ground was not submitted by the council.
There would be no highway implications as the users are no more likely to arrive by car than any other users of the recreation ground.
Geraldine Evans points out that the same could be said of the Rumney Recreation Ground.
Sgt Wills said: Mini-powered vehicles don't belong on the road or pavement, or in parks or recreation grounds.

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