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But the hospital worker said: "There's always cars parked on the double red lines opposite the South entrance.
The table accompanying this story on page seven shows the nine red lines that Khamenehi laid down in a speech he delivered April 9, seven days after the negotiations reached agreement on the parameters for a final agreement.
This Note will therefore evaluate how red lines might best fit into
First, any construction in the Givat Hamatos neighbourhood south of occupied Jerusalem beyond the Green Line is a red line, because construction in that area would jeopardise the possibility of a contiguous Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as the capital of both states.
Mayor Anderson said red lines could also be introduced in roads where bike lanes are implemented.
Then the President further blurred his own red lines by explaining whose credibility is at risk in the Syria vote in Congress: "Point number two, my credibility is not on the line.
The MHP's declared red lines contain nine sections addressing the attributes of the Turkish Republic, including the definition of the Turkish national identity and the erosion of the Turkish-centered state structure through the recognition of different ethnic groups and education in native languages.
While speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, he used a crude diagram to show the progress Iran had made towards a bomb, drawing a red line in marker pen at the point where he said Iran must be stopped, the Telegraph reports.
Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ramped up on Tuesday threats to attack Iran, saying if world powers refused to set a red line for Tehran's nuclear programme, they could not demand that Israel hold its fire.
Two years I wrote to a motoring legal expert in a Sunday newspaper asking if I could be fined for stopping on red routes in Solihull where the signs were present but the double red lines had never been painted.
But there are double red lines on some service roads beside the B425 that have led to parking problems in the area.