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The formalization subconstructs were clearly separated from the red-tape measures, job codification loaded on the second factor, and rule observation on the third factor.
Because administrative delay, as compared with formalization measures, was a better measure for the red-tape construct, we expected the association between the global measure and administrative delay measures to be stronger than the association between the global measure and formalization.
9) For example, the median interitem correlation for the personnel red-tape scale was 0.
The analysis shows empirically what red-tape studies (e.
Based on the analysis presented in this article, we believe that the five-item personnel red-tape measure provides an alternative approach for operationalizing the red-tape construct in the personnel domain and should be used in addition to behaviorally oriented administrative delay measures.
Why then would organizations with little exposure to information technology and streamlined red-tape system be motivated to consider new information technologies?
One reason for this could be that the red-tape variable in the study focuses entirely on internal managerial processes.
5) Using a theoretically based argument from Bretschneider and Bozeman (1995) for the use of a residual measure of procedural delay as red tape, this study develops a methodology for distinguishing red-tape induced delays from ordinary delays.