Treasury Stock

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Treasury Stock

Corporate stock that is issued, completely paid for, and reacquired by the corporation at a later point in time.

Treasury stock or shares may be purchased by the corporation, or reacquired through donation, Forfeiture, or some other method. It is then regarded as the Personal Property of the corporation and part of its assets. The corporation can sell the stock for cash or credit, for par value or market value, or upon any terms that it could be sold by a stockholder. Shares that the corporation has not issued in spite of its authority to do so are ordinarily not regarded as treasury shares but are merely unissued shares.

treasury stock

n. stock of a private corporation which was issued and then bought back by the corporation or otherwise reacquired by the corporation. Treasury stock held by a corporation earns dividends for the corporation but the corporation may not cast votes in decision-making the way a regular shareholder would be entitled. (See: stock, share)

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Beneficial Interest in AGOL following the Compulsory Partial Redemption of Shares
The AGM approved the Board's proposed imposition of an automatic program for redemption of shares involving a split, redemption of shares and an issue of bonus shares.
77 US cents per GBP and USD share respectively on 7 August 2015 (the "Redemption Date") by way of a compulsory partial redemption of shares (the "Redemption")by reference to the 30 June 2015 NAV Calculation Date.
The amendments were made for the purposes of adapting the articles of association to the new provisions in the Swedish Companies Act that entered into force 1 January 2011, adapting the articles of association to the implemented reorganisation and to enable the board's proposal of redemption of shares.
The Board has instead proposed a procedure for the redemption of shares in accordance with item 19 below.
o For the 2010 fiscal year, the Board of Directors intend to propose to the annual shareholders meeting an ordinary dividend of SEK 3 per share and an extraordinary transfer corresponding to SEK 30 per share by a redemption of shares.
Following the recent announcement, dated 29 April 2015 in respect of the Compulsory Partial Redemption of Shares, the Company confirms that the current Total Voting Rights are 85,684,658.
If not earlier converted, the redemption of shares and payment will be made in accordance with the terms specified in the redemption notices sent to holders.
Total Number Aggregate Percentage AMPS Redemption of Shares to Redemption of AMPS to be Fund Series CUSIP Date be Redeemed Amount ($) Redeemed FPT Series A 31423M204 8/25/08 405 $10,125,000 17 % FMN Series A 31423P207 8/27/08 384 $9,600,000 18 %
Each of these mergers, which was approved in principle by the Trustees in September 2008, would offer the closed-end funds' common shareholders a variety of benefits, including: (1) the opportunity to invest in an established open-end fund that, like the corresponding closed-end fund, pursues a tax-exempt investment strategy; (2) the ability to redeem shares at their net asset value on a daily basis without the discount to net asset value at which shares of the closed-end funds have traded historically (less any applicable redemption fee that will be described in the prospectus/proxy statements relating to these mergers); and (3) choice of timing of any recognition of taxable gain or loss occasioned by the redemption of shares.
The Prospectus relative to the redemption of shares programme submitted for shareholders' approval at the time of the Extraordinary General Meeting on 20th December 2004 has obtained the AMF VISA no04-944 on 2nd December 2004.