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[Latin, In the matter of; in the case of.]

A term of frequent use in designating judicial proceedings, in which there is only one party. Thus, "Re Vivian" signifies "In the matter of Vivian," or "in Vivian's Case."


In Re.


‘in the matter of, concerning’.

Re, verbis, scripto, consensu, traditione, junctura vestes, sumere pacta solent. Compacts are accustomed to be clothed by thing itself, by words, by writing, by consent, by delivery. Plow. 161.

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In upholding the red card decision, the judicial officer found that Rees had stamped on Nick Easter and determined that the offence was at the top end of World Rugby's sanctions, and selected 12 weeks as the appropriate entry point.
For more information on Jane Rees , located in Sarasota, FL, please call (941) 388 - 4447, or visit www.
It would have been a travesty had Rees - who many sage judges felt had won the first Welsh war three months earlier - had been denied the 38th win of a career which brought various British and European belts but reached its peak when he claimed the WBA world lightwelterweight title in 2007.
If anyone else suffered at Rees ' hands I hope this case will encourage them to come forward and report it to us at Ladywood police station on the 101 number so we can take action.
Rees said: "It's good to come back to the North East and see so many of the old faces.
Cerith Rees landed a touchline conversion before the visitors had a good spell of attacking only to find the Llandovery defence unyielding.
I need that next fight, I was ring rusty," added Rees.
Rees, of Hawthorn, Pon-typridd, grabbed Rebecca around the neck during an argument and held her until she went limp, Cardiff Crown Court heard.
Rees turns the story of these girls into a haunting tale related to Henry James's story, "The Turn of the Screw.
Renowned theoretical astrophysicist Rees answers that question, "Yes.
Rees has accused Denis Laducer, the deputy commissioner of Bosnia's International Police Task Force (IPTF), of being a regular client at a Bosnia brothel where women are forced to serve as prostitutes.
PALMDALE - When Joshua Hills School teachers Mary Rees and Julie Elliott arrived at the Villa home shortly after 5 p.