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mg/four weeks) versus the reference dose (45 mg/four weeks) starting at 11,
8 percent of women of child-bearing age sampled in 1999 and 2000 had blood mercury levels above the reference dose.
And he points out that expert scientific judgment will still be required to convert a POD to a reference dose.
3) Another study reported that the daily intake of DEHP in Germany is 8 times higher than the EPA reference dose (RfD).
Uncertainty factors for interspecies uncertainty (UFa = 10), intraspecies variability (UFh = 10), subchronic to chronic extrapolation (UFS = 10), and database incompleteness (UFD = 3) were applied in the original assessment to derive a reference dose of 0.
Environmental Protection Agency reference dose (RfD)(dose below which no adverse health effects should result from a lifetime of exposure).
Of more concern were potato and lettuce samples with chemicals above the acute reference dose (ARfD) - the next level up.
The dose of fluoride to which some students were exposed was compared with the oral Reference Dose (RfD), obtained from the Integrated Risk Information System (U.
Methods and rationale for derivation of a reference dose for methyl-mercury by the U.
The potato and lettuce samples that caused the most concern were contaminated with chemicals above the acute reference dose or the ARfD - the next level up from the maximum residue level in terms of severity.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) methylmercury reference dose of 0.
c) Overlooks the serious findings reported by the US National Research Council in 2006 that subsets of the population - including bottle-fed infants - are exceeding the EPA's safe reference dose (0.