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The relative impact of injunctive norms on college student drinking: The role of reference group.
Scores comparing the test taker with each of the 5,142 members of the reference group were then placed into rank order from the lowest score to the highest score.
This section reports the results for the significantly different responses to the Health on Equal Terms questionnaire by the two groups--the participants with USH2 and the reference group.
Reference group formation is a response both to internal planning needs and to external pressures for accountability in higher education (Bender and Schuh 2002).
Table (1) shows that in comparison to the reference group young mothers are more likely to be of rural residence, working or students, primigravidae and non-spacers.
In a restrictive institutional environment, the reference group of the host country carries the most clear, un-complicated signal of what is acceptable, legitimate and appropriate in the host country, and offers decision makers the most uncomplicated signal as compared to any other reference groups of industry or MNC parent.
The committee has established this reference group because it believes that the personal experiences and points of view of its members will be invaluable to our deliberations.
The cases and controls from both reference groups were similar with respect to age, gravidity diabetes, hypertension, and type of hospital, although the rate of prior vaginal delivery and black race both were more common in the reference groups.
With the help of the Community Resource Team of the Carmarthenshire Hywel Dda Health Board, we run a diabetes patient reference group which meets four times a year.
With non-water recreation as the reference group, limited-contact water recreation was associated with the development of acute gastrointestinal illness in the first 3 days after water recreation at both effluent-dominated waters and general-use waters.
That's the question now facing NZNO's board of directors and members of the constitutional reference group.
Labour set up an external reference group to ensure the military covenant - the deal members of the forces get in return for risking their life - is honoured.

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