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Exhibition: A Brian Griffin photograph taken as part of Reference Works.
com/books) will render these and many other authoritative titles fully searchable and linked not only with referenced book series, handbooks, and reference works but also the world's largest repository of full-text journal content.
Topics lead to related websites, periodicals, reference works, and multimedia sources.
This set is not a substitute for a good basic reference work on records retention, but it is a supplement to a good set of basic materials.
This is not the "real-time" reference work that requires either constant monitoring for reference questions or scheduled reference chat times.
His narrative employs the neutral tone of a standard reference work, yet he chooses biographical details that deftly and almost imperceptibly guide the reader's attention.
with a considerable number of well-known reference works, but also
This selective guide to reference works in the various disciplines of Jewish studies will serve as a key to that literature for a scholarly or a general audience.
Students who don't have good reference works at home are at a disadvantage," says Dale Hoiberg.
That includes more than 400 books, reference works, serials, and related products produced by Elsevier Science or by sister companies Pergamon, Academic Press, Butterworth Heinemann and Gulf Professional Publishing.
Five more reference works have been added to Wiley InterScience's selection of quality electronic major reference works online.
As Editor-in-Chief he conceived and edited several ambitious multivolume reference works, e.