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Every child referred for a squint should have a red reflex test.
This algorithm uses genotyping and MAT quantification as the first level of testing, with phenotyping as a reflex test to be used in cases in which the MAT concentration does not fall into the range expected for the given genotype.
This is typically the point where adjustments are made to multiple chemistry charges or fragmented reflex test charges.
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We demonstrated that incomplete laboratory request forms may lead to misinterpretation of results, incorrect reflex test requests and inappropriate interpretative comments.
In the case of R117H, the OLA and eMAP assays require a separate reflex test, whereas the INNO-LiPA, CF Gold, and Tag-IT systems do not.
Dx] PLUS, the Company's next generation sequence-based test that is soon to be offered as a reflex test to FirstStep[sup.
On the basis of data events being monitored by the expert laboratory computer system in our laboratory, the system can (a) alert the analysts that a certain data event has occurred, (b) order a reflex test or cancel a test already ordered based on a data event, (c) handle critical results reporting issues, (d) monitor unacceptable specimens, (e) handle discrepant results reporting, (fl allow for standing orders, (g) append coded comments for interpretation, (h) log the occurrence of a data event into a downloadable ASCII file, and (i) based on a data event, e-mail or fax a laboratory report to a client.
Each child also underwent a tuning-fork test, examination under microscopy, repeat tympanometry, stapedial reflex test, and pure-tone audiometry.
Only available through MDL, the HPV-16 Status reflex test makes available unique molecular testing that supplements the information provided by HPV Type-Detect assay.
June 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Quest Diagnostics Incorporated , the world's leading cancer diagnostics company, today launched the EGFR Pathway test (KRAS with reflex to NRAS, BRAF), the first laboratory-developed test from a national commercial reference laboratory for comprehensively identifying, in a single reflex test offering, genetic mutations in the KRAS, NRAS and BRAF genes.