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REGICIDE. The killing of a king, and, by extension, of a queen. Theorie des Lois Criminelles, vol. 1, p. 300.

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The Regicides and the Execution of Charles 1 (London, 2001), pp.
Despite the claims of the Royalist press, most public attacks on Charles through late December and early January avoided demands of regicide and instead focused on "justice.
The Royalists' and Presbyterians' fear of regicide, coupled with a faint hope that some resolution could be reached, was echoed in the Parliamentary camp on 9 January.
Hence, while Dillingham did not call for regicide, Cromwell's periodic host left little doubt that a change in government could create a "Nation happy above any in the World.
For instance, the publishers who had the closest connections with the leaders of the army, John Rushworth, who only wrote what the Council of Officers asked him to, or John Dillingham, whose regular house guest was Oliver Cromwell himself, never advocated regicide before 30 January.
4) For the purposes of this essay, the term "Parliament-men" will refer to the members of Parliament and the army that supported the regicide.
212-36 for an excellent description of the development of regicide thought in England from the mid sixteenth through mid seventeenth centuries.
The Act of Uniformity, the Conventicle Act and the Test Act of 1673 were much more effective means of repressing dissent than the execution of the regicides.