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Mr Jones said last night: "It is clear from the statement released on Tuesday night and their failure to make any solid commitments in the debate today, that Labour is seriously considering closing several regional government offices.
On Tuesday, thousands of people in the northwest town of Talas stormed regional government offices.
I have severe reservations about the value of this regional tier, which is why I support the abolition of regional assemblies and slimming down the regional government offices.
Secure paper documents: Throughout a large part of the world, public services are being extended to remote areas through Internet cafes instead of using regional government offices.
Inspired by Malaysia's federal administrative center, Putrajaya, the sixstory government center aims to house more than 20 regional government offices in one location.
As was revealed in a parliamentary answer this week, Dr Cable's department for Business, Innovation and Skills is having to create new local offices to carry out work previously carried out by the regional government offices.
Wednesday's unrest came a day after thousands of people in the northwest town of Talas stormed regional government offices.
Despite a plethora of regional development agencies, Regional Government Offices, employment quangos and other semi-official bodies too numerous to mention, the right decisions are not being made.
There has been promising progress by regional government offices and some local authorities, the study added.
Those strings will be pulled via the regional Government offices which, surprise surprise, will continue to operate even when the regional assembly is in place.
The first project is 'Woredanet', a network that will link almost 600 local ('woreda') and 11 regional government offices countrywide with each other and, in turn, with the Federal government headquarters in Addis Ababa.
NEW regional Government offices are being created - months after the coalition decided to axe existing centres.

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