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The justification to draw a regional dialect boundary from the isophone of a single feature, on the basis that it was "conspicuous", seems flawed, though the data are numerous, and so comparison of the PTRs with Kristensson's findings can be made.
As I keep saying, it's about time we saw more of the Midlands on telly, and heard our regional dialect spoken.
I learned how to handle horses from an old Yorkshire farmer who issued commands in the regional dialect," said Chris.
Her words were voiced over in the main Iranian language Farsi as she speaks a regional dialect and her face was blurred.
Gender is considered here, as women often remained in the home and thus maintained the regional dialect.
The four chapters in the "Linguistic" section offer handy summaries of what is already known about Tamil regional dialect studies, but without breaking any new ground.
The traditional symbol of the product, yellow buttercups, speak for naturalness ("Botterbloom" is regional dialect for Butterblume, or buttercup), while a seashore motive has been added, symbolizing North Germany.
The other Glasgow characters are equally lively, though their regional dialect confused some American critics.
The transcript also revealed the fact that his school friends had taught him Japanese slang and some regional dialect.
Steptoe is also adept at employing regional dialect and vernacular when he engages in persona poems, such as "A Great Grandad Speaks" and "Some Kinda Railroad Station.
Like Child of God, McCarthy's brilliant depiction of a serial-killing necrophiliac, the new book gets its plot from an atrocity crime spree; also, as in Child of God, the author punctuates quick-moving, third-person action scenes with first-person monologues in a homely regional dialect.
Although Americans tend to move frequently, their speech often retains remnants of the regional dialect of the area where they were reared.

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