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The public official charged with the duty of making and maintaining public records.

Common examples are the registrars of voters and deeds.

See: accountant, clerk, comptroller, notary public


an official in charge of keeping a register.
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Afridi had challenged the appointment of Muhammad Saleem, a basic pay scale (BPS) grade-20 officer as the registrar and BPS-19 officer Zakaullah Khattak as the additional registrar by the government.
The rules regarding the appointment of registrars laid down in 1989 were amended on January 27, 2017, only to ensure that a group of like-minded individuals in the bureaucracycould benefit.
Some registrars undertake "subspecialist" training in Breast or Endocrine Surgery and Transplantation at UCT, which is not formally recognised by the HPCSA or CMSA.
gTLDs will soon out-number the active Registrars but their shelf space will be very limited.
They may be required to attend some religious marriage ceremonies in order to register the marriage, and superintendent registrars in England and Wales conduct civil marriage services.
The organization, which oversees the internet's naming and addressing systems, wants $16m to fund 2004-2005 operations, and wants domain registrars to pay $14m of that.
Registrars can be an excellent resource for providing this overview because they are most familiar with potential benefits, steps to registration and associated costs.
Some of the new registrars already are accepting "preregistered" names.
Also, many registrars are heavily booked and there may be a significant delay (up to six months) before they can schedule a registration audit.
To solve this problem, Sedo offers registrars and their customers access to the largest collection of premium domain inventory on the Internet with a simple one-click access.
Dr Raza Ullah Specialist Registrar in Pulmonology Unit, 10 Trainee Registrars including Dr Salma Liaqat Trainee Registrar in Radiology Department, Dr Kaleem Ullah Trainee Registrar in Surgical A Unit, Dr Sakhawat Khan Trainee Registrar in ENT A Unit, Dr Siyyar Ahmad Trainee Registrar in ENT A Unit, Dr Tanveer Ahmad Trainee Registrar in Urology Unit, Dr Sajid Khan Trainee Registrar in Cardiology Unit, Dr Khurshid Ali Trainee Registrar in Cardiology Unit, Dr Mohammad Niaz Khan Trainee Registrar in Cardiology Unit, Dr Sami ur Rehman Trainee Registrar in Cardiology Unit, Dr Rashid Khan Trainee Registrar in Plastic Surgery and Burn Unit were appointed.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court on Thursday promoted 10 assistant registrars and 15 assistants to the next ranks.

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