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Regression testing (also referred to as program revalidation) is carried out to ensure that no new errors (called regression errors) have been introduced into previously validated code (i.
Load testing would require a clone, while regression testing would require 50 percent of the production database, so the requirement would be three servers; two for the clustered load testing environment and one for the regression environment.
Armed with this information, businesses can leverage the Empirix RTaaS solution to automate all their test functions, including test script creation, execution, monitoring, reporting and documentation, and perform repeated regression testing on an ongoing basis as changes are introduced.
Tom's class will discuss and demonstrate some new methods and techniques for the creation of a 'dependency aware' software build and test cycle that can enable effective incremental regression testing.
This solution supports all current protocols as well as unit, functional and regression testing of the Web Services layer.
HSI), announced that its customer Misys Healthcare Systems, a market leader in healthcare IT, is an InfoWorld 100 award winner for its innovative work to automate regression testing of its Electronic Medical Records (EMR) application.
The company first began by focusing on lifecycle quality management - establishing processes and automating the way they manage performance and regression testing.
Having a workstation dedicated for regression testing ensures that its results are not compromised by changes introduced by other users.
Automate functional and regression testing, ultimately lowering application development and maintenance costs, shortening the application release cycle and freeing up resources to focus on extending quality.
Enhancements to e-Manager Enterprise for managing the application test process including expanded support for manual test case management and execution, enhanced scheduling capabilities for unattended regression testing and new third party test case execution support
Eliminate over 200 hours of regression testing, deploy new applications in 1/10th the time: Because applications are never installed and can never conflict, ARMC no longer has to regression test them, saving IT over 200 hours every year.
With its intuitive, point-and-click interface, QA Wizard makes it easy for teams to automated the functional and regression testing of Web, Windows, and Java applications.