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He aims to return with a vengeance in 2009 by following in the wheel tracks of current Formula One World Championship leader Lewis Hamilton and reigning title winner Kimi Raikkonen.
Four winners will receive an LG enV2 and a free trip for two to New York City to compete for the top prize of $50,000 and the reigning title.
The first part of its inscription, which is finely engraved, reads 'The chalice of our King Iyyasu whose reigning title is Adyam-Saggad, and of his mother our Queen Walatta-Giyorgis Berhan-Mogasa, who gave it to the tabot of Qwesqwam for it to be medicine for their body and spirit.
The 23-year-old Sheffield rider is on the verge of following in the tyre tracks of four-times WSB champion Carl Fogarty and reigning title holder Neil Hodgson, who now competes in MotoGP.
Redwood is the reigning title holder in terms of dimension, while the other, known as "Howard Libbey," is believed to be the tallest and oldest living tree in the world.
LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas has maintained its reigning title as the top trade show destination in the country.
Reigning title holder John Bonatti also progressed from his qualifier at Mancot.
There were three Hawk Eye challenges and three break points for the reigning title holder, although he was unable to convert any of them.
Jeff Astle's goal ended reigning title holders Liverpool's impressive unbeaten home record, which had stood since Christmas 1965.
And reigning title holders TMS showed they still have the stomach for a fight as they overcame a resilient Birbeck Boys.
Following my success last year I am keen to defend my reigning title as winner of the Beaumont Trophy Race, although I know the standard will be high as the race is renowned for bringing out the toughest competitors.