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This fits in well with the Court's distinction between the remediator who has a [section] 107(a) cause of action and the reimburser who has a [section] 113 claim.
Trusts also make available, for a price, stop loss insurance that protects agencies from unforeseen layoffs -- a significant risk for reimbursers.
By improving patient experience, these dosage forms provide additional value to every stakeholder, from end-users and healthcare providers, to reimbursers and pharma.
If organizations were direct reimbursers during a prolonged recession, "they would have to pay all the unemployment claims as they came in, just when they had no money to pay," she said.
As hospital reimbursers continue to move away from measurable chargemaster-based (fee-for-service) payment plans toward treatment paths, DRG's, per diems, and other forms of global prospective reimbursements, assigning and comparing the values of quantities of resources used in a service remains as unfulfilling a solution to the quality riddle as trying to measure patient satisfaction alone.
The implementation of prospective payment policies by third-party reimbursers presents a distinct impediment to rural hospitals' financial viability.
Looking a few years ahead, a strong case can be made that health care systems and reimbursers are going to place increasing emphasis on the monitoring and validation of claims made by drug companies for the cost effectiveness and system impacts of pharmaceutical products," said Dr Paul Langley, the report's author.
These factors include without limitation those risks and uncertainties disclosed from time-to-time in reports filed by Tercica with the SEC, most recently Tercica's Form 10-Q filed on August 4, 2005 and other factors: regarding (A): physicians may be slow or not choose to prescribe Increlex instead of growth hormone, which many physicians currently prescribe for Primary IGFD, and/or reimbursers may not agree to pay for Increlex; and there may be fewer children than Tercica estimates; and regarding (B): Tercica's contract manufacturers may not be able to supply Increlex on a timely basis.
We remain on track with our effort to make the LAP-BAND(R) System widely available by training more surgeons to enable them to perform this procedure, and by working with reimbursers to establish broad payment coverage.
Gary Grenter, President and Chief Executive Officer of Biolectron, said, "I have had the exciting responsibility of leading Biolectron through its recent period of industry leading growth and I am confident that under Biomet's management the exceptional efficacy of Biolectron's technologies and products will increasingly be recognized by doctors, patients and reimbursers.
Mylan also has reached a tentative agreement to settle private class-action lawsuits filed against the company on behalf of consumers and third-party reimbursers related to the same legal issues addressed in the FTC and Attorneys General cases.
ViroLogic, a privately held South San Francisco-based biotechnology company, is a leader in the development of novel therapy guidance tools to enable patients, physicians, and medical reimbursers to make rational treatment decisions in the management of viral diseases.