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The purpose of the present study was to improve washing hands before meals behavior of a long-staying hospitalized schizophrenic patient through the use of token economy and social reinforcements.
Primary reinforcements are mostly attributed to the cause of ductile failure and secondary reinforcements are accentuated when either combination of vertical and horizontal loading or dynamic loading is involved.
Saint-Gobain, through Vetrotex, is active worldwide in the manufacture and sale of glass fibre reinforcements and composite fabrics.
In addition, MicroMax reinforcements are said to deliver: 30% higher tensile and flexural strength, which allows for reductions in reinforcement loading; reinforcement filaments up to 50% thinner than standard filaments; 35% improvement in weld-line strength; and lower outgassing.
Long-glass reinforcements and structural blow molding accounted for four of this year's nine SPE Automotive Innovation Awards, presented last month in Detroit.
reinforcements were scheduled to occur at a rate of 2 per min in both components).
But once the player is put into a relaxed and confident frame of mind and exposed repeatedly to the negative stimulus in the form of game competition, he can ultimately have a breakthrough game in which he will overcome his performance anxiety and look the powerful positive reinforcements associated with successful play into the desired behavior.
Rather, behavior is also a function of reinforcements accruing to alternative forms of behavior.
Each of plural reinforcements includes multiple strands of different types of synthetic fibers that are maintained in position by a resin encasement.