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On Tuesday, the court ordered CBI to reinvestigate the case following the petition filed by Haq's wife Praveen Azad.
On Thursday, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters that North Korea has established an unprecedented system which can make national decisions to reinvestigate all Japanese nationals involved.
Summary: The parents of Harry Harling, the 15-year-old British student who died in March this year after falling from a building in the Motor City area, approached the Dubai Police recently to reinvestigate the death and find the exact cause, as they suspect foul play.
The family, however, say they have been told police are to reinvestigate the circumstances around the crash which killed her.
Pyongyang has yet to fulfill its promise in August 2008 to reinvestigate the abductions.
Dubai A lawyer asked a court yesterday to assign a medical committee to reinvestigate the causes of death of five-year-old Nathan D'Souza and his seven-year-old sister, Chelsea, who died of food poisoning in 2009.
00pm) The detectives reinvestigate a 30-year-old heist, but their future together is threatened by allegations that a high-ranking officer was involved in the crime.
They will also reinvestigate donations of pounds 55,000 and pounds 64,200 made to Dignitas by patients.
00pm) Carol persuades Hain to return to London and reinvestigate her mother's murder, and his perspective on the case reveals new clues.
New Tricks The Frankincence Trail (9pm) The team reinvestigate a high-profile riverboat disaster on the Thames.
A new committee will be set up to reinvestigate the case.
Perhaps now that Tiravanija has staged a model retrospective that presents the museum as a lifeless site haunted by ghosts, he can make another dialectical turn and reinvestigate the conditions under which this sphere of negation may present models for change after all.