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We show, at least tentatively, that a certain principle is not reasonably rejectable according to the Complaint Model by showing that plausible alternatives to that principle can themselves be reasonably rejected in its favor.
Usually microvia barrel cracks are associated with process conditions that are rejectable to IPC-6012 or other applicable documents.
Such writing is principally not about the building of a body of coherent, defensible and ultimately rejectable knowledge, but about the real-estate model of the primary purpose of intellectual endeavour: it's all about position, position, position.
Often, though not always, claims for the traditionally new are accompanied by claims that some longstanding belief or practice has become questionable or even rejectable, and so disanalogous with a re-configured analogical continuity that binds the tradition into a whole.
For example, the absence of intention-to-treat analysis is immaterial if there is no attrition of study cases and a priori power calculations are less important if the pre-specified null hypothesis turns out to be confidently rejectable.
Calvert Cliffs is believed to be the only nuclear power plant to complete welding with zero rejectable indications shown in radiography testing (RT) on the steam generator girth, and reactor coolant system "hot" and "cold" legs.
Indicator classes should be included in a system configuration in addition to the main or rejectable defect classes.
The denial of choice threatens to replace reasoning with "uncritical acceptance of conformist behavior, no matter how rejectable [the behavior] may be.
This is a proposal so rejectable it begs the questions, if not this, what?