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For example, the authorization for release of information upheld by the federal court of appeals in Cox v.
The FOMC has discussed this issue extensively, and we have taken several steps that we believe will curb any further unauthorized release of information.
We are excited about this additional level of security backing for our release of information offering," said Mike Labedz, CEO, HealthPort.
As HealthPort experiences an increase in customer meaningful use participation, the Company anticipates that in the next two years, meaningful use will be the largest force driving change in release of information services, HealthPort's core-competency.
The certification validates that our release of information software can help providers take part in the electronic revolution that is reverberating across the healthcare industry.
As the largest release of information services provider in the country and the largest HIH selected to participate in the esMD pilot program, being the first to advance to the next stage of the program puts us on the cutting edge of transforming release of information into a completely electronic process," says Guertin.
This merger is part of HealthPort's targeted focus on the expansion of its core competency, release of information services, and brings together two outstanding companies now positioned to share their commitment to providing a high-level of compliance, service, technology and a wealth of other resources to the newly consolidated customer base.
HealthPort is the largest provider of release of information and the premiere choice for audit management technology.
Information Centered on Release of Information and Why It Matters to Healthcare Providers
The new solution automates many of the manual steps associated with the release of information process.