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RELEASEE. A person to whom a release is made.

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Longitudinal Study of Releasees in Three States 8 (2008) ("The
Ann Witte [1980] concluded from her analysis of North Carolina prison releasees that certainty of punishment carried a greater deterrent effect than punishment severity, and that better labor market rewards had relatively little effect on criminal activity.
Research on prison releasees suggests that exonerees are potentially at high risk for offending following their releases.
The actual deflection for each and every releasee will be computed and discussed in the following section.
72) The Fourth District Court of Appeal has held that the prison releasee reoffender law is not an ex post facto violation in that it is not an additional penalty for the earlier crime, rather a stiffened penalty for the latest crime, which is an aggravated offense by virtue of the repetition.
In its decision, the Tribunal found that: 1) Chevron and TexPet are Releasees under the 1995 Settlement Agreement and the 1998 Final Release; 2) Chevron can invoke and enforce its contractual rights as a Releasee; and 3) the Government settled all public interest or collective environmental claims, including collective claims asserted by third parties.
The cumulative benefit for inmates participating in college compared with those not participating in any education was 13 percent during the eight-year "survival peri od" for the 1992 releasee cohort.
If these elements are addressed early on, it can reduce releasee problems and avoid needless delays caused by program eligibility rules and reestablishing family connections, and better his or her chance for success.
Contract notice: Salzlandkreis, special transportation of pupils in releasees school transport.
7) Under the new version of the law, in any case involving child pornography or offenses against a minor, judges were required to impose (at a minimum) a condition of electronic monitoring on all releasees.
They are now involved in further studies to extend their work beyond first-time arrestees to a large sample of prison releasees.